January 1st, 2007


and so to sum up.

I've been very lax in updating this year. Given that I've had it cushy for most of the time there's really no excuse, so I'm not going to try and give one.

High points

  1. A glorious summer - let's not forget that it was too hot to eat my lunch outside during the early part of the summer. This compensated somewhat for the lack of holiday, but only a little.
  2. Working close to home - being able to have lunch every day with Jane was great. I'm going to miss it.
  3. Concerts - we attended some great gigs in 2006. Most notably Neil Innes and Ray Davies, though The Bonzos, Joan Armatrading and, of course, Al Stewart were all good too.
  4. A new job before 12 months was out - a job better than I could have hoped for. A new year and a new start.
  5. Beer with impunity - being able to visit the pub without having to worry about it affecting my performance at work the next day was great. (Not that I did much pubbing this year).

The indifferent

  1. My co-workers - with the exception of Annette, Harry and Robbie I appear to have been working with a bunch of middle aged school kids.
  2. My health - I suppose I should do something positive about it, but can't be arsed.

The low points

  1. The general public - I will not miss these rude, impatient, idiotic lunatics that pass themselves off as human beings.
  2. No holiday - being stuck at home was no fun. I need to get away from everything to relax. Jane seems to think taking time off work is enough - it isn't.
  3. Lack of money - on the plus side this has focused my mind on how much money I actually spend...
  4. Frasier becoming ill - he's doing OK at the moment, for a moggie with Chronic Renal Failure.

There's probably lots more that should have been included in this list but, as has happened again and again recently, I've spent my time doing other things. (I actually started writing this entry yesterday at about 19:00).
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