October 29th, 2006


IE 7 vs Firefox 2

Firefox wins. If nothing else the built in spelling checker raises it well above the competition.
I used the Spellbound extension under 1.5 and loved it. I'm glad that the Firefox developers realised how useful it is to be able to check the spelling of word entered into a form.
kef happy


I arrive 40 minutes early for my meeting. I drove about for a little while and then sat in the car park and listened to the radio.
Tony and Paul were in reception when I walked in.
It appears that my reputation goes before me; I've been praised by 3 former colleagues - including one from 7 years ago. The meeting was less an interview, more an introduction. From the outset it was apparent that I had the job and that we were just sorting out the minutia. At no point was I told that I had the job. I had to ask for it to be specifically confirmed.
I'm now waiting on written confirmation. Once that's arrived I will start work in January (or earlier, if they need me sooner).
I'm stunned. I keep trying to figure out what the catch is.