January 20th, 2006


2006, so far.

I've been very quiet LJ wise so far this year. Probably not any quieter than some of my previous slow periods, but quiet for a new year.

I'm currently one of the great unwashed; my contract with Steria finished on December 28th. I've applied for 5 or 6 jobs so far — all permanent. I've been sick to the back-teeth with working away from home for a long time now. My final three months with Steria were spent working from home. That's really focused me on how I want to be employed in the future. I don't expect to find another position where I work from home but I really would like to be able to commute.
I'll take another contract if one comes along but I doubt it will. I now know of only one site that employs GCOS7 Analyst Programmers and that's even further away from home than Steria was. The likelihood of me landing a contract on any other platform is pretty slim but I hope I stand a better chance with permanent positions.

So far I've spent my "free time" studying C# and .NET 2. I think I'm over the initial hump now. I've hit that point in a language were I know what I want to do, I've a good idea how I should do it but just can't quite get the syntax right.
As with anything I study, I need a goal to make what I'm learning sink in. So, I'm rewriting Icelog in C#. At the moment I'm doing little more than emulating what it did under EPOC but I can see ways of developing it that would never have been possible on a Psion. The project has also pushed me into studying XML properly.
[Here endeth the wibbles of a dinosaur].

In other news, Sophie has been to the vets again. The weight-loss we were worried about before Christmas stopped but a couple of days ago she was... well, I won't go into details but the vet thinks she may have a digestive tract infection. She's on a course of tablets now and her food is limited to white fish for a week. This has pleased her no-end (as it has the other 3). She appears to be recovering so, fingers crossed etc.