November 8th, 2005


Another quiet weekend

We joined Ed and Lyn at the Telegraph on Friday.
On Saturday, after I'd done a bit of shopping, we just blobbed about watching television.
The Badminton game on Sunday was stonking. We played for nearly an hour - something we haven't done for months. I lost 2 games to 1, but only just.
By the end of the match Phil and I were exhausted. It was the best exercise I've had in years.

Work this week has picked up quite a bit - the only downside is that one of the programs I'm working on is written in Pacbase [fx: spit].

Cheap Day Return

On Preston platform
do your soft-shoe shuffle dance
Brush away the cigarette ash that's fallen down your pants
And you sadly wonder
Does the nurse treat your old man the way she should?
She made you tea
asked for your autograph
What a laugh

A couple of months ago Mark mailed me to say that he was going to see Jethro Tull in Blackpool on 5th March next year. Yesterday I booked 4 tickets for Ed, Lyn, Jane and me.
Apparently it's the "Aqualung" tour. As this is the first Tull record I ever heard - something like 32 years ago - and them being from Blackpool, it should be quite a treat.