July 25th, 2005


Beer, beer, more beer and beer.

On Friday Jane and I popped into The cask to see Ed and Lyn, as we quite often do.
We were accompanied by Jane's friend Shelagh. Shelagh had driven over from Anglesey on Thursday to stay with Jane before they both drove to York for a Tricia's funeral. Shelagh had half of bitter and an orange juice before leaving.
While I was at the bar big Robbie collared me. As it was the last weekend before the great refurbishment shut-down Jill was cooking a chilli, for all the long standing customers, at 5 o'clock the next day. Jane and I had planned to eat out on Saturday which made this great news. We left the pub at about 8:30.

On Saturday we did very little during the day and returned to the pub at 4:30. It was a nice surprise to find that it was actually a party to say goodbye to the old pub. The place slowly filled with old regulars including many of the original bar staff from 20 odd years ago. Vast amounts of beer was consumed along with one or two bowls of chilli. I assumed we'd have to pay for the food but the buffet was part of the celebrations. Huzzah!
I had a fine time, squeezing all sorts of delicious women that I haven't seen for years while necking a gallon of Summer Lightning. We left about 8 o'clock.

Yesterday I wandered of to play badminton at 9:30 only to find Phil wasn't expecting me. Being the good chap that he is he gathered his stuff and we played. I beat him - though whether this was down to him being unprepared or down to the stunning woman playing on the next court distracting him, I can't say.

At 1:30 Jane and I grabbed a taxi down to Wallasey Village for young Josh's christening. The priest was from Jo and Richard's school. He got lost making his way over from Liverpool and arrived about 15 minutes late. I was pleased to meet Jane's uncle Griff who was at the service and the reception.
The reception was held at the Railway Arms on Hoylake. We spent the afternoon supping beer and talking to Ken, June, Alan and Linda. Apparently we're going to a Greek Restaurant for Linda's birthday next Friday.
Jane cajoled Ken and June into giving us a lift when we left. Of course, June wanted to visit the Magazines so we went for a final pint.

Now I'm (supposed to be) working.

E = MC something or other

The Expatriate

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One bad scenario -- as I hypothetically project you back in time -- is
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