January 18th, 2005


And now, the prologue.

The weekend turned into a strange couple of days.
My train was late arriving into Lime Street. As I was on a later train than usual anyway I ended up being late for the pub.
Ed was in the pub and I don't think I've ever seen him so emotional. He was with his father when he died and it's taken a great toll on him. Still, he rallied towards the end of the evening but was quite pickled by the time he left. He and Lyn were supposed to be going for a meal but went home for beans on toast. (And I had to buy the last round because he'd run out of money).
On Saturday we shopped for flooring. Although the hall, stairs and landings are now decorated they don't have any carpet. The initial idea was vinyl for the landings with painted steps fitted with pads. The Interior Company had more vinyl floor than you could shake a stick but didn't stock the pads. They could only offer to fit custom made carpet pads.
In the evening we had a meal at Monroes with Roy and Jane who invited us back to theirs. The meal was booked for 7 o'clock but we somehow managed to stay out until 1:30.
I did collar Chris about their manifestly absent web site. I've got to call him about it some time this week.
Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but I spent most of it helping John fit an airer in the hall.
Now it's Tuesday and I'm back on my head.
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About 10 minutes ago there was an almighty lightning flash followed by some heavy hail.
John and Craig are still breaking concrete in the front garden.
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Many cards

I nipped out at lunch-time to collect and pay for a postcard that I won on eBay.
I ended up buying another 11. Damned good value at £26 all in (the eBay auction was £3.80).
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