July 15th, 2004


It doesn't happen often.

I was listening to a radio station based on my Napster library when Ocean Gypsy popped up. I haven't heard some of Renaissance's albums for years so went browsing.
As quite often happens with Napster the albums I was looking for aren't there. However, there is an album called "Ocean Gypsy" which I expected to be a collection. I was wrong; it's a re-recording of old songs by a new reformed band.
I have to say that I think I prefer this newer version of "Ocean Gypsy". While Stephanie Adlingtons voice isn't as strong as Annie Haslam's was I much prefer the tone of her voice. Her range is mightily impressive too.
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    Ocean Gypsy - Renaissance

To use the vernacular.

It's pissing down.
It was trying to rain when I went out for a walk this morning but held off until about 1 o'clock.
It's poured down since then.

Whoo! Spooky - I'm sure this WMA file has just jumped - at exactly the same place my original vinyl copy used to!
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    Roxy Music - Do the Strand