April 20th, 2004


A long time ago...

When I worked at Liverpool uni there was a Scottish guy there who had a very jagged walk. He reminded me of a robot so I referred to him as Hamish McClank. Somebody else that I worked with (I can't remember if it was Kevin P. or Rob) wrote the following poem about him:

There was a robot called McClank
who was made from bits of a tank
The programming staff
developed his laugh
and taught him to swim
but he sank.

It's funny how things suddenly come back to you, isn't it?
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Out of Africa

Occasionally we have a guest chef visit the canteen restaurant at work.
Today Rik Razza presented us with a dish entitled "Out of Africa". It turned out to be spiced braised beef on a bed of vegetables. Damned nice is was too. (I nearly went back for a second helping).
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