February 18th, 2004


Still somewhat fuzzy.

The weekend was a good mix.
Saturday daytime was quite lazy. I pottered about scanning cards and coding while Jane did things various too. We visited her Mum in the afternoon, though I waited in the car. Introducing a cold into an old people's home is not a good idea. While I was waiting I talked to one of the other visitors. She said that they'd had a lot of deaths in the home recently and that many of the staff were upset. I'm not surprised; it must be difficult to care for some of these sweet old ladies just to see them fade away so quickly.
In the evening, after much messing about, we made our way to Stanley's Cask for a couple of beers before our meal. The Cask was really quiet, I think we'd hit the lull between the early doors and the evening drinkers.
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On Sunday we walked off some of the previous evening. Collapse )
The rest of the day we spent not doing very much (and we had sausages for tea).

* No jokes, please.
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Quite contrary.

Yesterday I was given some changes to do that were super urgent. I have spent today hacking away and finished tested about 10 minutes ago. Delighted with my progress I popped off to tell my boss that all was done. Jo now tells me that she found out, about five minutes ago, that the users have changed their minds and that it's all likely to change again.
Oh well, it's all billable.
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