February 4th, 2004


Status: Normal.

As quite often happens I find myself three or four weeks away from some regular postings. Over the years I've tried to keep diaries and failed for exactly the same reason as this time. Time. I find it quite annoying that when I've had a busy time I end up not recording it. After all, that's the point what I'm trying to do with this.
Over the last couple of weeks Gyrth has been somewhat sickly. As I wouldn't want a house guest when I was feeling off I haven't foisted myself on him. This week he's much perkier so we're off to the Bright Star for a couple of beers before I go back to his house to snore loudly.

In other news: I've had a strange experience with the Virgin Trains Fares web site. Collapse )
Half an hour to go before beer with G. Hurrah!
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