January 7th, 2004


My friend is sick.

I was supposed to spend my usual Wednesday night at Gyrth's this evening. Unfortunately he called this morning to say he's ill, so I'm back at the B&B tonight.
I reckon he needs a good feed. Say a good fry-up with fried bread and black pudding. That should get some toxins into his body!
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Within a minute of each other I've received an e-mail from Rob Cross and a phone call from Pacific Road. Rob was asking when we were going out again and suggested the 24th. I've checked with Jane and said yes to Rob. I await his reply.
The phone call from Pacific Road was about some tickets I booked for concerts in March. I was looking forward to seeing China Crisis on my birthday and Steve Hackett the following Saturday. Alas there is no seating at the venue so we're getting a refund. I don't want to spend my birthday night without Jane and I certainly don't want to cripple her by making her stand for 4 hours.
I last saw China Crisis in 1983 in Glasgow and, to be honest, they were rubbish. However, they've had 20 years to hone their skills and the live album, Acoustically Yours, from a few years ago is wonderful.
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