January 4th, 2004


The first real entry of the New Year.

On New Year's eve we wandered down to see Jane's mum, choosing a route that took us past some of the locations I need to photograph for the New Brighton Postcards web site. Collapse )
Jane's mum appeared to be rather depressed. I think being stuck in the home at this time of year isn't helping.
In the evening we made our way to Monroes via a pub crawl. This is becoming a little tradition for us. We start at Stanley's Cask and move on to the restaurant via The Telegraph Inn and Stanley's (not the same pub as The Cask!).
We finished our meal with just enough time to walk home for midnight.

Time travel.

I'm currently listening to an LP that I haven't heard for probably a quarter of a century. Some of the tracks I remember quite fondly, but the current track I'd forgotten all about. It's wonderful, I'd forgotten how much I liked it!
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and another thing...

After we'd celebrated New Year we settled down to watch Jools Holland's show.
I never thought I'd ever see Paul Rogers, Candy Staton, Lulu and Desmond Dekker singing together.
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