December 23rd, 2003



I've just been to the butchers and returned with £45 worth of meat.
Topside of beef, a leg of lamb, sausages, chicken breasts and, of course, a turkey.

We're eating the sausages tonight. We're having pasta tomorrow evening before going to the pub. On Christmas day we're having something made with the chicken (I haven't decided yet). The turkey is for Boxing day. We haven't decided when we're having the other two joints. The lamb has gone in to the freezer but the beef is sitting in the fridge.
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Tired now.

It's been a strange day today. This afternoon we toddled off to see Jane's mum. She was asleep so we left her new supply of ginkgo biloba with the senior nurse.
Once around Liscard saw us with replacement watch straps, receiving a refund for the CD storage towers we'd ordered but never received, an impromptu purchase of a CD rack from Wilkinson's (of all places) and buying a cheesecake and a gateaux.
Then it was home for a tea of frozen pizza.
In the evening we visited my little sister. The poor dear is still suffering from stones in all sorts of places. Apparently her liver functions are all over the place at the moment. She has an appointment with her doctor on the 7th January for results of a blood test.
I must ensure I keep in touch properly with her next year. It's one of those strange things in life; I talk to my other sister, who lives 200 miles away, far more often than to Tina.
Time for bed now.
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