September 18th, 2003


and the good news?

I've just returned from a team meeting and Sue, esteemed leader, thinks the system will have legs until 2006 or 2007. The official story is 2005 at the latest.
This could mean another 4 years rattling back and forth to Hemel. Still, by then, Virgin West Coast may have finally introduced the Pendolinos on the Liverpool London route!
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Give me the good earth.

Finally, after many years of waiting, I've ordered some CDs from the Manfred Mann web site to replace my ageing LP collection. The Earthband were one of my groups in the early seventies.
I've ordered my two favourite albums, Messin' and Budapest.
I appear to have a thing about live albums. My favourite Judy Tzuke albums are all live and I adore Colin Vearncombe's Abbey Road Live. Actually, I just like live music.
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