March 24th, 2003


Time's up, stop messing about.

It's time to take my web doodling a little more seriously. The French Lessons site serves some sort of purpose, the Iceforce site has brought me GCOS7 work and the Monroes site was nice to do for Dave. However, they were all just slapped together using Dreamweaver with scant regard for the underlying code. As ever, with that sort of tool, it can hide the real business of programming if you let it. While I've learnt some HTML in the process I wouldn't dream of claiming it as a skill. It's time I attempted to put that right (learn HTML, not claim it as a skill on my C.V.).
I've always found the only way to really understand something is to use it for a purpose. I've always had a hankering to set up a site archiving the old postcards from my hometown of New Brighton. Up until now I haven't had all the pieces in place to create the site I wanted. After a lot of reading, including some careful lurking in cix:html, I've chosen my tools. My first goal is to understanding CSS. Armed with a book as a primer I've started working on the New Brighton Postcards site. At the moment it's only one page in size but it was programmed rather than composed using Dreamweaver and it uses CSS for the layout.
There's plenty more to do, just on the opening page, then there'll be PHP and MySQL to learn...
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