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The cold light of a New Year.

I'm back on my head fighting assessment again. There's a keen wind blowing outside pushing the fluffy white clouds past in a pale blue sky.
I'd rather be out walking.

We had a couple of beers and a curry on Thursday with Pat and John. Jane was ill the next day. As she only drank white wine (and not much of it) we've decided it's the curry house that's poisoning her. They must use excessive amounts of MSG or something. She's also always ill when we go the the Mexican, over in Liverpool. Ho-hum - we'll have to limit our curry eating to Magic Spices.
As compensation for not going out on New Year's Eve (because Jane was sick) or New Year's Day (because of the weather) we went out on Sunday. The idea, originally, was to eat out. The Magazines wasn't serving food and neither of us fancied the Pilot Boat so we had a couple of drinks and came back home.
Yesterday we went shopping in Liverpool. As usual (for us) we arrived over there late. After we'd visited the jewellers in the Albert Dock (and watched the fire brigade empty the Maritime Museum) we had almost run out of time. A quick visit to M&S and that was it. Still, Jane managed to finally have the chain on her necklace fixed and spend her vouchers (on a new cardigan).

While we were out on Thursday John volunteered to decorate the hall and landing for us. I don't know how much he's planning on charging but I know he'll do a good job and it will finally get done. He starts tomorrow.

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