December 9th, 2002


Sunday, Sunday.

We're just back from a walk along the promenade - very bracing but nowhere near as cold as I expected it to be.
Before we left I installed BlackIce. At the moment there is one event showing - BlackIce starting. It's flagged by BlackIce as suspicious!
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Traffic problems...

We've just had an email about traffic problems on a road leading to junction 8 of the M1. The message actually read For anyone about ro embark to the M! jnc 8.. Assuming there's been an accident on the M1 calling it the M! (M bang - in mainframe speak) is quite good, even if not done intentionally.
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From next Wednesday

I'll be worth 7.5% less to my employers compared to today. It seems that they've thought long and hard about our rates and decided that they should be reduced to bring them in line with the current market. thought long and hard - yeh, right, bet they did.
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