December 3rd, 2002



On the way out of my B&B this morning I bumped into Bob who usually stay there too. He'd requested a room for the night but couldn't get one. Pat*, who is always helpful to her regular customers, booked him into the Red House instead. I've walked passed this place nearly every day I've stayed in Hemel Hempstead but I've never noticed any signs of it being a B&B. According to Bob it's very nice inside and the food was lovely.

Well worth an investigation...

*There are 3 Pats in my life at the moment
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Bob, chearful as ever!

John has just explained that his daughter believes that pixies decorate their house for Christmas. She loves this idea and gets excited about it.
Bob has just said, "personally, I'd be petrified to think of bands of roving pixies breaking into houses", happy chap that he is.
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