November 17th, 2002


Easy, like Sunday morning.

One of the things I've been looking forward to now I have broadband is the ability to catch up with radio programmes I've missed during the week.
One of these is Stuart Marconie's critical list, which I have playing now. It's broadcast on a Saturday night at 9 o'clock. Even if I could convince Jane to listen to the radio at that time of night I doubt I'd be able to concentrate on it (there would be a lot of background noise....).
The weather is dull and grey at the moment but good enough to do some sand_writings. If we go to see Jane's mum I'll suggest we walk and if the tide's out I'll write a message...
Now to wind myself up by preparing last year's accounts.
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(Sur)RealOne Player plus

For my sins I've just had to iron my shirts for next week.
While I was doing this I set RealPlayer to random play; something I've never done before. It was quite a surreal experience. In addition to the music I was expecting I also got clips from the Windows tutorial and from the music and sound effects of Myst 3, Exile.
  • Black Man Ray by China Crisis

  • "How to move forward and backwards using a mouse or keyboard"

  • some incidental music from Exile

  • Realin' in the years by Steely Dan

  • some ghost noises

  • Sweetest Smile by Colin Vearncombe
You get the idea.
I wish my mind had been in an altered state.....
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