September 22nd, 2002



From pasticcio -
I am: older than I think I am
I think: too much, too often
I know: less today than I did yesterday
I want: peace and quiet
I have: a lot of hair
I wish: I could return home every night
I hate: travelling by car
I miss: being able to play my records when I want
I fear: illness
I hear: ringing in my ears
I wonder: sometimes, why me?
I regret: being so nice
I love: fresh autumn mornings
I ache: to be able to relax
I care: less each day
I always: eat too much
I am not: always as happy as I appear
I dance: only to reggae
I sing: with plenty of enthusiasm but little talent
I cry: at all the wrong things
I do not always: know where I'm going
I write: Cobol for a living
I win: when I least expect to
I lose: very little sleep
I confuse: b with d
I listen: to other people's needs
I can usually be found: in front of written text
I need: a really good seeing to
I am happy about: giving blood
I should: make more time for myself