July 31st, 2002



Last night, for our evening meal, we returned to Flisvos. It was quite busy when we arrived, around 9 o'clock, but quietened down not long after. We had:
  • Sweet red peppers

  • Saganaki

  • Fried zuccini

  • Stifado (for Jane)

  • Mousaka (for me)

The mousaka was nice but not up to Katerina's standard (is anything ever?). Jane said the stifado was alright but not as nice as the one I'd had the previous evening.
I had a creme caramel and Greek coffee.
After the meal we walked along the harbour front and ended up in a shoe shop. Still, Jane now has a pair of shoes that feel comfortable when her feet swell up.
I'm sitting on the beach typing this. It's sunny and hot but every now and then we have a few spots of rain. Very strange.
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Somewhere it is thundering. The sky above us appears to be clearing although we are still experiencing the occasional raindrop or two. I suppose the thunder must be caused by the hot air coming off the sea and hitting the cold air over the mountains on the mainland. It sounds as if that's the direction the thunder is coming from.

Two and one half hours later.

We had to go back to our room because Jane was scared of the thunder. It did rain a bit, but not enough to have kept us off the beach. There was, though, a huge clap of thunder that made Jane jump out of her skin.
After we'd waited on our balcony for a while we decided to make the best of a bad situation. I went off to the supermarket and bakers for some food. When I returned I was supposed to buy some wine from the bar. However, by then, the weather was beginning to brighten again. So, here we are, back on the beach.