July 30th, 2002


No rain.

No sunshine either, but no rain.
Jane didn't want to walk far last night so we ate in a restaurant close to the hotel.
While Jane was finishing off getting ready I went out to the shops. When I got back Jane told me that w'd had a small earthquake. I didn't even notice it. Perhaps this was because I was on the ground and Jane was on the third floor.
It had stopped raining by the time we set off but the ground was still very wet. The restaurant we chose was on the main road, at the end of the our hotel's street. Jason, who served us last night, told us it belonged to one of the brothers of the owner of our hotel (The Delfini Pension). When I searched the net for the hotel, using verious combinations of keywords, I kept turning up the Delfini Apartments. These are owned by the couple who own the hotel and are above where we ate last night. All the information I found about them was on the Lantisworld site.
The meal was good, I had Stifado and Jane had, wait for it..., tuna salad. We shared some courgettes and tzatziki and one & a half litres of local white wine.
On our way back we called in at a supermarket for some milk. Because I was busy trying to make sure we picked semi-skimmed, as opposed to skimmed or full fat, the owner came over. He found what we were looking for and apologised for interfering. He said he did it because of the tourists. He then hastily changed that to Greek tourists. Inside he showed us another cooler cabinet that was in total disarray. Earlier in the day a Greek family couldn't find what they looking for and had just pushed everything about, ruining the display. He said the small boy that had done it was like a little earthquake.