July 27th, 2002


The plan.

  1. Catch up with accounts

  2. Lunch

  3. See Jane's Mum

  4. Tina & Jim's b-b-q for an hour or two (in celebration of his new job)

  5. A bit of a kip

  6. Catch taxi to airport at 2 o'clock tomorrow morning

I am nowhere near finishing the LJ Client for Symbian 5 so I'm planning on recording my journal in Jotter and uploading them all when I get back.

We shall see...
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Jane has just cut my hair in preparation for the holiday. It's nice having this done in the garden when the sun is shining.

Unfortunately Jane had a bit of an aboration when it came to my mustache. When I looked in the mirror I had something Adolph Hitler would have been proud of. I've rectified this now...