June 7th, 2002


Thursday? Huh?

Where did Thursday go?

Up at 7:30. A little lazing about followed by some spit and polish to make me presentable for my Uncle Bill's funeral.

Jane and I arrived at the crematorium at 10:50 for the 11 o'clock service. It was very strange really, I didn't recognize anyone until my sister, brother in law, nephew and a family friend arrived (just behind the hearse). I suppose it is indicative of how old my family is. I have two sisters and four cousins, two of which we lost track of a long time ago. I have one surviving aunty. Other than my elder sister's children and grand children, my entire family is older than me by at least 10 years.

We entered the chapel to Moonlight Serenade. This surprised me and made me come over all emotional. We left to another Glen Miller tune. Uncle Bill was a drummer in his youth.

There was no bun fight after the service so Jane, Tina, Jim, Ian, Elaine and I went to the Devon Doorway for lunch. I had deep fried mushrooms to start, followed by Lincoln Sausages with cheese mash and onion gravy. Quite nice food, eaten in nice surroundings, with good company.

There was some reminiscing, mainly by Tina and I, aided by Elaine. Elaine was originally my eldest sister's friend but has somehow, over the years, become great friends with Tina. She has been involved with our family for as long as I can remember; she's another sister really. Elaine used to take me to Chester Zoo and to see Farther Christmas after Joan, my eldest sister, married Peter and moved to Germany.

Amazingly the afternoon turned into just another day. You guessed; we went shopping.
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Friday? Eh?

I spent a fair amount of time on the 'phone this morning sorting out minor niggles with the bank that have needed addressing for some time. Also, as I'd heard nothing from Gerry I called Mother Redcaps.

Gerry is a very strange guy. He will go well out of his way to help just about anyone. Unfortunately, he appears to go out of his way even when he doesn't need to. Jane's mum has just on a week left before she has to leave hospital. Fran and Gerry were fortunate enough to reserve her a place at Mother Redcap's. This is a good home; Jane worked there.

As we live in Pat's second property, for nothing, it seemed only fair that I should pay for her keep at the home. Gerry has been titting about for the last 3 days trying to talk to her solicitors. This was all well and fine, but time was moving on and we needed to ensure she got the room that was free. When they said they'd hold the room, they didn't mean forever. In addition, I need to go back to work on Monday.

My first call was to the home itself. The Matron confirmed that Pat was being evaluated today and gave me the 'phone number of the woman I needed to speak to, to arrange the finance. She told me that she thought that there was some problem with the finance and didn't know if we were going to take the room. I arranged to call her after the evaluation had been done. Once Pat had been evaluated and accepted I could call in to sort the finance and sign the contract.

Jane and I visited Pat at 3:30 and then called in to finish the deal at 4 o'clock. By 5 o'clock we'd been talked through the contract and the arrangements. As I couldn't contact Gerry I had to take the direct debit mandate away with me. Although I am supplying the dosh, he will be running the account that the money will be coming from.

I finally caught up with Gerry at about 5:20. He'd been over to PC World because he was having trouble installing his cable modem and with printing. Gerry has had this new PC for nearly 3 months. He found out today that it is running Windows ME; he thought it was running XP. Enough said.

Time for bed.
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