June 5th, 2002


Oh well.

I should be at Liverpool Lime Street station now, but I'm not.

I wanted to go to Uncle Bill's funeral tomorrow but didn't think Mo would be too pleased if I stayed off work. However, other things have swayed me.

Fran & Gerry were told on Friday that Pat has to leave the hospital within 2 weeks and that they needed to find a home for her. It looks as if Pat will be going to Mother Redcap's, not far from our house. Ironically, Jane worked there for a short time.

Gerry has made an appointment with Pat's solicitors as he is unsure how to proceed with things while he waits for his Powers of Enduring Attourney to come through. Fran and Jane have invited themselves along to the meeting and Jane wants me there too.

So, my hand has been forced. I'm off for the balance of the week.

I did some digging about last night and found a lot of information with regard to care home placement on the Age Concern web site. I've printed it off and will pass it on to Gerry shortly as he still hasn't sorted out his internet connection.

(How long should that take?)
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