May 19th, 2002


Sunday morning.

  1. The meal last night was excellent. Jane was a tad disappointed with her steak but happy enough. She had a sirloin Oporto. I had corn on the cob followed by a 12 oz rump steak with pepper sauce - I'm going through a retro food phase at the mo'.

  2. Joan, my eldest sister called late yesterday afternoon. I've been meaning to call her since the anniversary of Mum's death. It was nice to speak to her. As usually she is running around doing all sorts of things. I told her our newly formulated plans for a holiday and said we would probably be visiting her at the end of June.

  3. It's Frasier's & Meg's birthday today - 4 years old. Jane's going to treat them to some tuna.

  4. The sun is trying to come out.

That was all the good things. The bad things are:
  1. I don't think Jane had a very good night's sleep.

  2. As ever, I've got some paperwork to do.

Hospital visit.

We've just got back from visiting Pat.

She is looking well today. Sitting in a chair with her hair done, she jumped at the corned-beef sandwiches and scone that we took her. It's good to see her eating properly again.