March 6th, 2002


Betty, oh Betty.

Yesterday morning, at breakfast, I was joined at my table by Betty (I know her name was Betty because she had a label). Betty looked about the same age me, so why is she Betty? It's such an old fashioned name. Anyway, I made the mistake of talking to her. I explained about the hot drinks machine. Since then she hasn't shut up. I've been quizzed about what I do and I've had a quick rundown of what she does, along with her recent and future locations.

I only want I bit of piece and quiet while I eat my breakfast.

A grand night out!

David Lloyd is staying at the B&B this evening. I believe he is doing some WIBs training here tomorrow. This is a good excuse to go out for a couple of beers and a meal, though I've no idea what David likes. I'll try and stear him towards The Old Bell, but who knows...

I think I'll treat it as my birthday night out as I spent Monday on my own in my room.