January 27th, 2002


Sunday morning.

The Greek restaurant we ate in last night was good, though I'm not sure if I prefer it to Lazarus in Hoylake. The staff were extremely friendly; at one point I thought we were never going to get rid of the waitress! The food was good, but not outstanding. This may be due to the chef being on holiday in Corfu (apparently he's gone to see his Mum).

I've left the decision where we eat with Steve & Debbie to Jane. Last night's place was pleasent and friendly but, at the moment, I think Hoylake has the edge.
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A busy day.

  1. Primed the window ledge in the back bedroom

  2. Did a wee bit of accounting

  3. Visited Dave Cullen and guided him through the Monroes web site

  4. Called around at Tina & Jim's to sort out a problem she was having with Excel

  5. Cooked tea

  6. Watched Some like it hot - neither Jane nor I have seen this since we were children. Very funny

  7. Time for bed

I have some work to do on the train tomorrow. This will help the time pass, keep me in Morag's good books and swell the coffers just a little. However, before I leave for the station I need to buy Jane 6 bottles of Lucozade. I was supposed to buy them today but didn't leave Dave's early enough. I arrived at Tesco's just as it was closing.

Good night and thank you.
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