January 7th, 2002


Back on me 'ed.

Well, tea break's over.

My taxi should be here in just over half an hour to take me back to work. Sad to say the most exciting thing I can think of at the moment is what food will be on the train. A long time ago I would have been wondering about the work I had lined up.

(The again, it will be interesting to see if I can access LiveJournal at work...)

Still, I'm making inroads into the state of the home office. I suppose I should try and keep it tidy as a New Year's resolution. Watch this space.
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In fact...

for an office it's very hot.

G tells me it's 78, nudging 79, at the moment. It's not so much the heat, it's just that it's so stuffy.

All through the hot spell this summer I was expecting to suffer; nearly every day I was surprised at how well the AirCon was working. I'd sit outside and talk to JaMo and be relieved at how cool it was when I got back in. IaPh told me that it was "quite chilly" last Friday, hence the hike in temperature.

I really didn't expect to walk in thisafternoon to a heatwave because I thought premises had finally cracked it. It's making me feel groggy. AnCa is giving me a lift down town in about an hour, if I can last out...
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