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Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve turned into an interesting evening.
When I popped into the Post Office to buy our lottery ticket I asked them to check our most recent lines. I thought I'd already check, but wasn't sure. When I handed the ticket over I mentioned that I didn't think there was any money on it. Result? £110! A £10 line and a £100 line.
Ed and Lyn wandered into the Cask not long after Jane and me. We supped beer and chatted away to all sorts of people I haven't seen in a long time (including Ali Brown). Ed and I started on Robin's Revenge (at about 4%) but that ran out so we changed to Christmas Ale. This ran at about 5.4% Now I'm not exactly sure what happened but at about 8 o'clock I came over all wobbly. Jane declared it was time I went home and off we went (via the chip shop).
I ate pie, peas chips and gravy, watched University Challenge through one eye and was in bed by 9:30.
On Christmas Day we ended up having an impromptu breakfast of eggs and bacon before wandering off to the Pilot Boat. Ed and Lyn arrived at almost the same time as us. The rest of the afternoon was spent in good conversation with various people both old and new. In particular I ended up talking to Eric, one of Ed's drinking buddies. It turns out he's a keen amateur photographer and we yattered away to each other about 35mm film, SLRs and telephoto lenses in the 1970s.
After closing it was a swift walk home to a big bowl of chilli with a baked potato.
We're having roast lamb this evening - I can smell it cooking as I type.

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