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So, last Friday Jane, Ed and I went out for a couple of drinks with Tony and Mo.
Tony was the singer in the last band I worked for. We three arrived at The Clairville at about 7:40, expecting Tony and Mo to already be there. (We'd arranged to meet between 7:30 and 8:00). They eventually turned up at about 7:55. Taxi's were a little hard to come by on the last Friday before Christmas Eve.
We had a few beers and played catch-up. Tony's still into his music though he doesn't perform any more, which is a shame. The first thing Mo did, after sitting down, was pass me a card for Bedlam. I assumed it was her business, but I was wrong. It's run by Pete Goulbourne who played bass in a band I worked for in the mid-eighties. He's still playing but now he's a drummer. I've mailed him but not yet had a reply.
Just before 9 we parted company with Ed, who wandered off to find Lyn (who had been on a Christmas night out with her fellow guiders). We walked over the road to Monroe's. (I would have added a link to their site but it's now disappeared completely).

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