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Up 'n at 'em.

Well, not quite. It's just coming up to 10:15.
Today I've got to try do the following...

* Finish the Monroes web site
* Put the duff PC back together & call a doctor for it
* If I find a doctor for the PC take it around there
* Tidy up this office, it's looked like a bombs hit it for the last 4 years
* Go over to Liverpool with JaMo to do some shopping.

We're in search of a new bed and some roller boots! JaMo has finally realised after, oh - 12 years, that the current bed is too bleedin' hard. Good for shagging was the original theory behind it - which was true. But I don't think I've ever had a good nights kip on it.

The roller boots are JaMo's christmas present. Yesterday we wandered all over Birkenhead looking for a pair. The closest we came was some in-line skates. Apparently these are no good "What do I want them for? I grew up using proper roller-skates". I don't hold out much hope of finding what she wants. I think in-lines made the fashionable thing to own. She should have asked for a pair in the 80s.

3 free days left before I back on my head... best get on with it...

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