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A summary

Yet again I've had a busy week. Yet again I don't know where the time has gone.
We're now in the second week of November, making Christmas just over 6 weeks away, and I can't figure out where the year has gone (never mind the last week or month).

Between now and then we've two visits to make. My great nephew, Blake, is 18 in December and we've been invited to his party on the 10th. We're also supposed to visit Jane's cousin Ken and his wife, June, in their new home. I've no idea when we'll manage to do that.

There has been a flood of local cards on eBay recently and I've won quite a number from somebody called Les Jones. When the first batch arrived there was a message asking if I attended Poulton Junior School in the 1960s. It turns out that this Les Jones is the Les Jones that was a really good friend back then. We attended Gorsedale Middle school together too, but were in different classes and drifted apart. I've won quite a few more cards off Les over the last week and we've been bouncing memories of school days back and forth to each other. It's a strange world.

When we are out with Ed and Lyn Ed mentioned that Lou Reed was playing the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall next April. We have tickets!

Finally, Jill called to say that they would be having breakfast in Vale Park to celebrate Phil's birthday. Jane and I joined Jill, Phil and Abbie for a rather splendid fry-up. Ed and Lyn appeared a little later, having been to see Lyn's mum and dad.
I think the idea of breakfast in the park has a lot of potential. I just have to convince Jane.

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