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£5 here, 4 hours worth of billing there...

I ordered an upgrade of Norton Internet Security from PC World last week because it worked out £5 cheaper than direct from Symantec.
The courier tried to deliver it last night at 7 o'clock (while we were at Tesco).

I called the couriers this morning and it was delivered at 6:30. About half an hour after I'd spent 4 hours cleaning W32.Beagle.AV@mm off my system.
How did it get their? Simple, I ran an email attachment.
Why did I run it? Well, it turned up in my work's Lotus Notes mailbox, for which all inbound email is scanned, and it was from Danny Purcell who I work with. Oh, and the attachment passed virus scanning when I detached it. Danny sends me jokes, I send Danny jokes.
I knew something was out of order when nothing happened when I ran the detached file. Actually, something did happen; Norton Anti-virus and Internet Security disappeared from my system tray. That was the signal to pull the network cable and start panicking.
Looking back at the email, it wasn't from Danny Purcell, it was from John Purcell (whoever he is).
This proves two things; you read what you want to read and the social engineering in these pesky things sometimes works.
I lost far more than £5 in time this afternoon.

Oh, and the upgraded Norton AV warned me that I wasn't protected against W32.Beagle.AV@mm via its Outbreak Alert.

Good old false economy, that's what that was.

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