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Or, a late report on the Finn Brothers gig at Liverpool Empire.

On our way to Liverpool Jane and I met Simon the potter. He was heading to the same gig but only under duress. He's a little younger than me and not really into that style of music but he had free tickets. A friend of his works for Radio City and had four to give away. They'd tried desperately to find two others to go with but, because of the late hour, they'd failed. Their tickets were much better than ours; they were downstairs in row E. Ours were up in the gods at the very back.
After a quick beer in Doctor Duncan's Jane and I headed off to the theatre where I tried, unsuccessfully, to sell our old tickets.

The support act was Minnie Driver (does she have a sister called Laurie?). I suppose she's quite a good singer but I can't take her seriously because of her name. She turned in a decent set and I'd probably go and see her again if she was playing my local.
During the break Simon announced he was off to the pub. We wandered about a bit and Jane visited the loo. Simon reappeared after about 10 minutes. He'd met a couple (from Chorley) in the pub who were after tickets and were rather glum at having failed to buy any. He wandered off with my two spares reappearing with £10. Quite a result as I wasn't expecting any money.

I found the Finn Brothers disappointing, expecting a much livelier show. I last saw them over 20 years ago when Split Enz played the Royal Court. My hopes were up when Tim started to jump about but, ultimately, the humour was limited to the brothers talking to the rest of the band and to the audience a little.

The gig changed quite drastically during the first encore. The first song they played was Four Seasons in One Day. During the instrumental break Johnny Marr walked on and played a gob-iron solo. Things lifted then, especially after Johnny played an impromptu version of Teenage Kicks (Real Audio link), John Peel's supposed favourite single of all time. I had no idea that Johnny Marr had worked with Neil Finn.

After the gig we wandered out to the foyer and said goodbye to Simon and friend.

I had originally tried to arrange a pre-gig meeting with Tony, the singer from my last band. I'd asked Ed to pass on my phone number but hadn't heard anything.
So, there I am standing in the foyer waiting for Jane to decide which loo to go to when this blonde woman stops dead in front of me and just stares. It was Mo, Tony's wife. After a quick hello she says that she's lost Tony in the fray and is looking for him. She tells me to stay put while she goes and finds him. After a couple of minutes Jane reappears from her loo search followed rapidly by Mo with Tony in tow. He looks older but he's still the same man. His talking voice is just as rich as it used to be and he's still as jovial as he always was.

We walked together for a while talking and making plans for a Saturday afternoon get together. Now it's down to Ed.

I checked the answer phone when we arrived home. Tony left a message at 6'30 saying he'd see us in the Empire's bar. We were already in Doctor Duncan's when he called.


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