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About time too.

I've been trying to place an entry in my journal for what feels like years....

I had planned to talk about many things, including Jane's Mum's birthday. We took her for breakfast on Saturday, although her birthday is actually today. I despair some times at how Jane talks to her Mum. I know she annoys her, but she is old and sadly not quite as quick witted as she used to be. Unfortunately Jane appears to not give her any leeway in this regard. It's sad to sit and watch her Mum panic that she may upset Jane if she says the wrong thing. I could swear her mum was close to tears at one point. I don't really know what to do...

Of the other things I can no longer remember... arse...

When I've finished this we're going to watch Captain Correlli's mandolin. I know it isn't as good as the book because I know they've changed the ending and left out most of the story about Pelagia's boyfriend, Mandras. That's not even mentioning the woeful miscasting of Nicolas Cage as the Captain. It would be bad enough if I just thought it was miscasting but I don't even think he's a good actor. Still, each to his own.

I'm most looking forward to seeing the island again.

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