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Oh, deep joy.

I have spent most of the week fighting misinformation from one of our customers. First, on Monday when I walked in, I was presented with a 'system down ' error report. This actually turned out to mean that they couldn't print one letter. It took me nearly two days to track down the problem. The program that was aborting produces an error report. The item that was causing the abort had been repeatedly reported on this listing every night for the last 3 weeks. Eventually the data had moved on to a state that caused the abort. When queried about the error report we were told that they never read it. I've now plugged the hole  in the program that didn't cater for users repeatedly ignoring the errors.
Secondly, the same customer has returned details of a fix program we sent them. It was to correct some data one of their in-house routines had screwed. The fix was based on an asurrance by them that no other activity had happened on the corrupted data.  Along with the returned info was a request to change the processing slightly to ignore some of the data that was actually now correct. After investigation it turns out that these aren't correct on the database, they just look so on screen. The user thinks they're correct because they they're seeing what they expect to see.
I'm now waiting for the go-ahead to revamp the fix program into a much more complex beast which will now have to sniff through history data trying to work out what's go wrong.
...and while I'm waiting I'm back using bloody PacBase.
 I now find myself fighing the karpoosi that is PacBase again.

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