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On Saturday night we went to a 40th birthday party. I wasn't looking forward to it. It was for somebody at Jane's gym and we were going with another Jane from the gym and her husband. I'd met neither of them before. I shouldn't have worried. We got along great.
Sunday was spent doing nothing much.
I woke up yesterday (Monday) with a bad back. I've no idea what caused it but I was in agony. I couldn't move very well but managed to get to Hemel despite Virgin trains. They were proud to announce their new Autumn/Winter timetable which is based around the 125 miles per hour tilting trains. Unfortunately the driver of the one I was on hadn't been trained to use tilting so it wasn't turned on. This meant we were 15 minutes late arriving at Milton Keynes [fx: spit]; which meant I had to wait 30 minutes for a connection to Hemel Hempstead. I got in to work 35 minutes late. I theory, if the trains run on time, my journey will be 30 minutes shorter. We will see.
This morning my back is still hurting, but not as badly as yesterday. I wonder what I've done?

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