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So, what do you say when you've been missing for well over a month?

The answer is, I don't know. If I was one of Snow White's dwarfs I could claim I've been busy doing nothing.
Having said that, I don't feel like I've stopped working since my last post. I just don't know what I've been up to. I do know that I've been on holiday; but that feels like years ago even though this is only my second week back at work.
Thankfully this year Kefalonia remained dry and hot while we were there. The previous two years have been marred by thunder storms and cool temperatures. My eldest sister joined us this year and it all worked out very well. The only part she didn't enjoy was the taxi ride from the airport. The poor dear suffers from travel sickness and hadn't taken any remedy for it. By the time we reached Poros she was in a bit of a state. She spent the next 14 days eating and sleeping. She claims it was the most relaxing holiday she's ever had.
The only other significant news was the meeting last Wednesday...
Before I went on Holiday Jo was wandering about telling everyone, contractors included, that they must attend the "kick-off" meeting. This is a half yearly event where, as far as I could tell, the plebs sat and listened to management telling them how things were going. Contractors are normally excused on the grounds of they don't give a fu... However, this time we had to be there.
It was held at Billesley Manor and very nice it was too, even though it was a 90 minute drive away. The meeting was made up of the predictable presentations in the morning. In the afternoon HR practiced some team building stuff on us and then there were a couple of awards. This held the clue as to why we were all bound to attend. The team I work for was given a long term achievement award. The upshot of which is we each get a piece of paper, a day out somewhere, a meal and a stay in a hotel. Just what a contractor wants; more time away from home.
Rumour has it that Danny has been charged with finding a suitable location. Good choice; he'll make sure that we're never very far away from booze.

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