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I'm not sure about that.

Since the beginning of June I've been working at home on alternate weeks. Besides saving me in the region of £420 a month this has many other advantages including decent access to the Internet while I'm working. At work things sometimes drag along like treacle. I've no doubt this is down to lots of people sharing the (admittedly big) pipe via a very busy network and all the firewalls & proxies. It's funny, I've only got a piddling standard ADSL line here, through which I use the company's portal, but response times always appear to be better. Even when I'm streaming music from Napster the feel is still much faster from home.
During my first couple of full weeks at home I did find I was feeling slightly strange and, once or twice, had what I think was the warning signs of an approaching migraine. It occurred to me by the Thursday of the second week that I hadn't actually been out for three days. So, I rearranged my day.
When I'm away from home I normally rise at 6 o'clock, oblute, eat and arrive at the office between 7:30 and eight. When at home I was starting work about half an hour later but rising an hour later. I now follow the same routine at home that I do when I'm away. The only difference is that I take a walk through the park and along the promenade in stead of travelling to the office. I feel much better for it and have managed to take quite a few photographs for the web site.

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