Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

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A busy day.

  1. Primed the window ledge in the back bedroom

  2. Did a wee bit of accounting

  3. Visited Dave Cullen and guided him through the Monroes web site

  4. Called around at Tina & Jim's to sort out a problem she was having with Excel

  5. Cooked tea

  6. Watched Some like it hot - neither Jane nor I have seen this since we were children. Very funny

  7. Time for bed

I have some work to do on the train tomorrow. This will help the time pass, keep me in Morag's good books and swell the coffers just a little. However, before I leave for the station I need to buy Jane 6 bottles of Lucozade. I was supposed to buy them today but didn't leave Dave's early enough. I arrived at Tesco's just as it was closing.

Good night and thank you.

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