Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
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The interloper.

We have a regular visitor to our garden these days; a black and white tomcat.
Amazingly none of our cats mind him. This is quite a surprise because they normally chase off any stranger in the garden.
He's very vocal; you can hear him chunnering to himself as he approaches. For a while all he did was sit in the garden and watch our moggies. Recently he's started to follow Sophie, which she doesn't like. She's one of life's solitary cats and really doesn't like any other to approach her.

Teleworking is great provided the tele bit works - thankfully I've downloaded the source code so I can carry on working while the portal untwists its knickers.

Anyway, we've had to start shooing him away. He was welcome while he was behaving but we can't be having him upsetting Sophie.

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