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Lies, damned lies and

I'm working on new statistics reporting programs at the moment. I worked on their predecessors quite a bit with Lynn, from support, who know about these things. These were based on earlier programs and badly hacked about to give the new versions. I say badly hacked about because they had a fundamental flaw within their logic that caused certain figures to be misreported. (Basically, adding up the results of a run for each quarter didn't match the results for a run for the full year).
The reporting side allowed users to drill down into the data to show how a particular cell was composed. When cells were added and removed the coding for this went completely out of the window with all sorts of workarounds and hacks introduced to make it work. So, Lynn and I decided that when we introduced the changes for 2004 that they should be rewritten.
The analysis for the new version was done by Chris. He's decided that I should be able to just change the existing programs.
Yeah, right! No chance. I'm rewriting it - it's going to be quicker.

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