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Well, not quite. More like "Today Is Saturday, Work And Smile". I'm going to send off this weeks invoice and then I've got some D.I.Y. to do.

  1. Install the blinds in the spare bedroom

  2. Strip and stain the window ledge in the spare bedroom

  3. Install the curtain hook in the hall

  4. Vacuum the car to free it from the cat-litter that was spilt last weekend

That's for today. This evening we're off to try the new Greek restaurant in Bromborough. If it's OK we'll be taking Steve & Debbie there in a couple of weeks.

Jane gave me the psudo-review of the restaurant from the Wirral Globe to read.
High hopes are that it is the same restaurantuer that ran the short live Greek in West Kirby. It sounds like it, I hope it is!

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