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Mr & Mrs Pejica are paying a visit.

Finally Steve & Debbie are going to visit. They've been trying since well before Christmas. In fact they've actually moved house (from Wolverhampton to Derby) while we've been trying to organise this. Most of it has been our fault; mainly due to my our ineptitude at finishing the bathroom. But now the bathroom is finished and we've arrange a date.

So, come Saturday February the 9th they will be here. Jane and I have been trying to decide where to take them in the evening. I think I've finally decided that we'll go the The Lazaros Taverna in Hoylake. This is a good choice for a number of reasons; Debbie hasn't really had Greek food before (which I find surprising) and Rob & Lynn are coming too, making the venue roughly half way between us. In addition there's a good pub opposite (The Ship) where we normally meet, though I doubt we'll be drinking alfresco as we did the first time. February is not a good month to sit outside!

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