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It's a funny old world.

I found my current contract through an off chance e-mail to Gyrth. Two days later I was all signed up and ready to go.

I haven't spoken to Rob Crockett recently so I tried to 'phone him yesterday. When there was no answer I mailed him asking for a copy of his CV. He'd sent it to me a couple of months ago, asking me to update it on the Iceforce web site. Due to a lack of time, and some finger trouble, I never got around to doing this and managed to delete the CV. When I checked my e-mail this morning there was a message from Rob saying that he was finishing his current contract in 3 weeks time.

I called Rob this morning and asked him to send his CV post-haste. Lynn mailed it early this afternoon and I forwarded it to Morag. I didn't hold out much hope as they haven't taken anyone new on since I joined nearly two years ago. Indeed, one contractor left not long after I started and wasn't replaced. I was therefore rather surprised when Morag came over and told me that Rob has been added to the short list for the AP they are looking to recruit.

The position isn't automatically Rob's, but if he does join us the whole thing will have a rather nice symmetry for me.

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