Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day


On Saturday we finally made it over to Liverpool.
We were supposed to visit Long Tall Sally for Jane to buy some jeans but we left it too late. We wandered around from shop to shop, timing our exits to coincide with heavy down-pours of rain. A visit to Boots found Jane the moisturiser she was after and a visit to the Body Shop found two tubs and a free tube of shaving cream for me. I haven't had the chance to buy this stuff for over two years and I've missed it greatly. I even shaved on Sunday morning for the shear joy of it. Our final visit was to a furnishings shop in Bold Street where we bought a candle holder and some scented candles as a birthday present for my sister.
By this time we were both wet and cold to the bone so we consoled ourselves with a beer in the Black Swan. We then set off to find The Crack, another nice little backstreet pub, but it was raining so badly we decided to go straight to the restaurant. When we arrived at La Macho it was closed. A hop and skip took us back to the Liszt Room of the Philharmonic Pub. It was the first time we'd ever sat in there; we normally sat in Brahms. After a nice pint of Dark Island we finally found the restaurant open. We must have missed it by minutes as one of the waitresses said they opened at 6 o'clock.
After the meal we headed home to bed.

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