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This year's snow storm.

Just as it happened last year, so it happened again yesterday afternoon. At about four thirty it started to snow. It was light fluffy snow that wasn't really settling. Ten minutes later and it was heavy and being driven by a fairly high wind. Everybody took one look and decamped.
Sue kindly offered to drop me off at the B&B. We crawled out of the industrial estate and took 3 hours to do the 2 and a half miles to my digs. This equalled the time last year when the lovely Jo did the good deed. On the way we saw at least 10 abandoned cars, 2 accidents, three ambulances and one gritting truck. Still, Sue and I had a good natter. I felt sorry for her really, 24 hours earlier she had been sitting on the balcony of her Spanish apartment in the unseasonally warm sunshine.
The roads are clearing now, helped on by the warmer temperatures predicted this morning. I just need it stay this way until I reach my train this evening.

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