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I'm not doing very well on the sleep front at the moment.
Saturday's kip was good, especially after the Friday night fiasco, but I didn't get much bed time on Sunday. I went to bed late and then was woken by a misbehaving moggie* at about 4 o'clock. One of the consequences of this was that I snored during my massage on Monday morning.
To add to the misery my train was an hour and twenty minutes late arriving at Watford Junction. I eventually walked into work about an hour late.
I appear to have played catch up last night but I've not quite got there completely yet. I would have gone to bed at about 9 o'clock but I had to have my weekly fix of Buzzcocks and see the repeat of Coupling.
Tonight I'm off to see The Return of The King, so there's another late night...

* Don't ask.

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