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Last night was an outing to Liverpool to meet Doctor Debbie & Ian, Ed & Lyn and Gill.
Jane and I planned on going over early to do a little shopping and to eat. We eventually caught the 4:30 bus which should have arrived in Liverpool at about 5 o'clock. This would have given us about an hour in George Henry Lee'sJohn Lewis.
Unfortunately somebody dropped themselves off one of the bridges of the approach to the Wallasey* tunnel. This caused the bus (and all the other traffic) to be diverted via the Birkenhead tunnel - adding about 30 minutes to the trip. So, in 30 minutes we managed to buy 2 hats (one each) and a sewing machine.
We then ate at The Casa Italia before moving to Dr. Duncan's. We waited for the others in the tiled side room. Every time I drink in that room I marvel at its survival.
Eventually Debbie & Ian arrived, followed shortly after by Gill & Phil. It was a nice surprise to see Phil as I though he wasn't joining us. However, Ed had called them to say that he wouldn't be joining us because of a head-ache. After a few pints of the mild we wandered off to the White Star and sat in John, Paul, George and Ringo's seats. Then it was time to come home.

* What an interesting site - and, oh joy, it's written with PHP.

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